Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love Is...

Do you remember the back in the late 70's,early 80's, there was a cute little couple who were always reminding us what love is...  ???

As a teen, I remember seeing this cute, albeit naked, couple on everything from greeting cards to coffee cups, stationary to figurines. I would get my hands on anything I could that would afford me the "feeling" of what love would be...

This past Valentine's Day, some co-workers were expressing some concerns about the fact that Jim had not participated in the time-honored tradition of bestowing one's loved one with flowers, and chocolates, and jewelry, and proclamations of Hallmark-induced mushiness.

Jim defended himself  by ensuring our coworkers that he does things for me on an every day basis and how he doesn't need to buy me flowers once a year to convince me or prove to me (or anyone else)  that he loves me. I don't think the ladies were impressed...or convinced!

But you know something? He's right! He does things for me every day that most men don't do for the women in their lives. And as we were driving home, I starting thinking of all the wonderful things he does for me on a regular basis; without complaint... because he loves me. Yeah, we've had our tough times. But for the most part of the past 30 years, ours has been a journey of life lessons and love.

I posted a few of these redeeming qualities on facebook and I received more positive comments and replies than any other post of late. So, I thought I'd share some of what I consider to be my personal "Love Is" moments...

There are hundreds of "Love Is" moments in my life with my husband. 

Here are my Top Ten...
  • Love is....watching The Notebook with me and then driving me over 400 miles for a surprise visit to see my  mom....just because you want to be my Noah
  • Love is...knowing that you're already late for work, but you take the long way into town because you see the child-like wonder in my eyes as I see more than 20 hot air balloons take to the skies for Valentine's Day. Not only do you drive towards the pull over to the side of the road, turn off the car and just soak it all in with me.
  • Love is...every morning, without fail, you wake up and make me coffee. Fresh, sometimes french pressed and ALWAYS with flavored creamer! And even when I sleep in, you always have a hot cup ready for me when I groggily slide out of bed to greet you and my day.
  • Love is...every morning, before we leave for our commute into work, you go outside into the chilly morning air,  start the truck, and you turn on my seat-heater so it won't be so cold when I climb in.
  • Love is...every day you tell me that you love me, you greet me with a kiss each morning, you send me off to sleep with a kiss each night...and you always make sure I get my favorite pillow
  • Love is...whenever there is danger, I KNOW that you will protect me. I've witnessed it those few times when we've nearly been in an accident and you instinctively swerve the car in the direction that protects me, placing yourself in the path of an oncoming car. That is can't fake that instinctive reaction.
  • Love is...supporting me through my personal journeys in life, Whether they be journeys of self-discovery or self-destruction, you are my rock, my coach, my partner.
  • Love is...knowing that you never have, and you never will, raise a hand to me in anger. 
  • Love is...going along with all of my crazy schemes, even when they involve the the words "tandem" and usually end up with you driving me to urgent care
  • Love life together as best friends, parents, grandparents.....soul mates

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