Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Glam Girl

The other day, while at work, I had a dear friend say to  me, "You know, whenever I see you I think of Lucy... that episode where she's working in the candy factory... and she's shoving the chocolates in her mouth, and down her shirt, and in her hat!" watch clip here

 I think that was just about the nicest thing anyone had ever said to me. I truly appreciated it, as I love to leave that funny, goofy "feel-good" impression on people.

But, Lucy was more than just the comedienne of her time. She was beautiful, and glamorous.... a "Glam Girl"

She had it all... beauty, brains, and a funny bone!

I have always had an inner struggle with finding my identity. Who am I, really?  I am short, have always struggled with my weight, no physical attributes to really write home about. I'm goofy, outgoing, and always a tad bit over the top with my dramatic comedic flare, but what about me relays who I am to the world's eyes?

Earlier this month,I watched an episode of The Voice where a curvy young lady was dressed in the cutest 40's fashion and had the hair and make up to match. I was focused on her style more than I was her stature or her voice! And that is when I was hit with an epiphany of colossal proportion !

 I am a modern day gal with a "Glam Girl" stuck inside just screaming to be set free!

Quicker than you could say Vita Meata Vegamin, I started taking inventory of all things retro I had collected over the years; a beautiful pair of brown two-tone wing tip pumps, black patent leather pumps with  bow , sweaters with pearl buttons, scarves, jewelry  ... on and on the list goes and I  realized that I have been a closet retro junky all this time! I just never put it all together to create MY style !!!

Several hours of youtube tutorials and I am well on my way to perfecting my Glam Girl, Plus-Sized Pin-Up, Rockabilly look!!!

I love this picture. It's soft and dramatic tone. I actually feel beautiful and classy. 
Feeling coy and noting that all glam girls of the day seemed to be looking at the ceiling, probably thinking about the cob webs that need dusting.
It will take some time to get the "Betty Bangs" and "Victory Rolls"  to become as second nature to me as breathing . 

Feeling sassy and flirty in a Rockabilly  kinda way. Going to work on my "Rosie Riveter " look next ....

I am only one week into my new me, but I am already feeling more confident. There is a spring in my step... a sense of "sassiness" that only comes from confidence in being who you are. Everywhere I go I notice people look and smile...some looks of appreciation for my individuality, some looks of concern as though I've escaped from a mental ward, while I suspect others are trying to figure out they can sneak a camera phone opportunity to submit me to peopleofwalmart.com

But, this is who I am... comfortable in my own skin (and my black and white polka dot dress) for the first time in eons.

Yes, I'm a little unconventional in this yuppie town I live in, but appreciate me for who I am or keep walking, Bub!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Red Light, Green Light

This is why I am always 30 minutes late everywhere I go... I hit all the red lights!!!

As I get older, I don't mind hitting the red lights so much.
Gives me the chance to people watch as drivers pass in front of me; especially if they are making a left turn.

Some people are rockin' out to their favorite tunes . This makes me smile and want to sing along...since I don't know what song they are listening to I just sing "watermelon watermelon"  over and over and act like I am listening to the same song. The other day, the car next to me had the volume way up past obnoxious . but I didn't care. At least I could decipher what song was playing.. And I joined in with my own, "Gotta get dat boom, boom, boom"
"Watermelon, oh watermelon, yeah, watermelon"

Some people are Mr. Grumpy Gills and it makes me wonder why they're so mad.

"Maybe I should just bcome a Chargers fan"

 Some people are knuckle deep in their left nostril and it makes me cringe with disgust and then wonder if I have a cub in the cave... so I go in half-knuckle, just to make sure I'm all good. 

WARNING: Objects in mirror are grosser than they appear

Sometimes parents are happily chatting with their children (makes me smile) 

Some parents are yelling. I'll admit it, I've had my yelling moments. Like when you drive your kids all the way to school only to discover that one of them didn't put on their shoes.

"What do you mean you didn't put any shoes on??"

This makes me sad, so I make goofy faces at the kid as they drive by, in an attempt to make them smile.

"Grandma was right! My face DID freeze like this!!"

Today I realized what I must look like to the person in the car on either side of me.  As I sing my Top 40 Watermelon Watermelon songs, with my finger up my nose,  while making silly faces at passing motorists.

 Yeah, I get some stares, some laughs, some evil eyes during the 30 to 45 seconds I"m at that light.  But who cares what they think, right??? 

You have a choice. You can sit at that red light, staring at it, waiting for it to turn green. Or, you can watch the world around you and be a part of it. I choose to be a part of my world.