Monday, November 29, 2010

Grapes? Are you nuts?

Several, and I mean several,  years ago, my dearest friend asked me when I was going to write down some of the crazy things I had experienced in life; mostly revolving around the chaos of raising four boys. She always felt that my life was a book in the making.

I always toyed with the idea of a title for a book should I ever decide to write my memoirs. I knew it would be something along the lines of  "Life Being Like A Bowl Of Cherries"  or something about the grass being greener somewhere.

Thinking of a title was a became more challenging when I realized that Erma Bombeck already discovered that the Grass Is Always Greener Over The Septic Tank. 

And then that Mary lady had to be all clever with her flub-up involving chairs and bowls...

One particular day, while my boys were flushing each other down the toilet, or shaving off half of each other's eyebrows ( before school picture day ), or setting something on fire, I felt the world pressing in on me....squishing me a grape.

I felt that I had about as much chance of survival of this thing called motherhood as a grape in a box of rocks... There you have it!!! I knew that someday I would use that phrase for my stories, and here I am, starting this blog about my life as a grape in a box of rocks...

Unfortunately, despite my friend's prompting all those years ago, I never even wrote myself little cliff notes or tickler reminders about when we would experience a life-altering moment in the Thomson household.
I was always too busy, or always too tired, or always too full of defeatism (a topic I'm sure I'll write about in this blog a time or two). At the exact time when I was dealing with some of the crazy things life, (my children, my husband) and I put myself through, I just didn't didn't have the belief that anyone would want to hear about, let alone read about  my crazy ramblings.

But a few years ago, I began writing  about some of the moments fresh in my mind. Those stories that I will share with friends on occasion, and they laughed which is amazing to me! I write, and I smile, and muse at how-in-the-world I did  make it through it all !

Life, indeed, would crush in on me every so often...Crush me like that grape...

A grape is like a lump of coal...

Add pressure and a little bit of time and the product doesn't turn out so bad; a fine wine or a diamond.

I think with that outlook on life, I'm gonna be OK

***I hope you enjoy my stories...provide me with some ideas or memories of a story I might have blocked from my Post-Tramatic-Mommy-Disordered-Brain. Some stories, comments, caption contests and I think we'll have a pretty good time...


  1. So glad you are Finally writing them down. So glad i was able to hear about most of these stories within hours of them happening. Yes you should have listened to me earlier, taken notes and written them all down. Better late than never. You have the gift of sharing your life in such a way that it brings joy to others. It always has to me. Keep it up, Luv ya, Deb

  2. This is great. I love the metaphor and look forward to reading your stories.