Monday, September 3, 2012

To Gif or Not to Gif

Recently, I have seen, and become entranced, by the use of gifs in other blog postings, particularly a fantabulous posting of a book review for 50 Shades of Grey click here. The gifs, along with the writers snappy sense of humor, are truly what made this book report as awesome as it is!

What is a gif, you may ask? A gif is a graphics interchange format. what does that mean, exactly? I don't

I attempted to use Wikipedia to define, but as 99% of the definition is in computerese, I have no clue how these things truly work, I'm just hoping to use them. So, I am thinking about adding a gif or two to my blog postings as I re-edit and define my styling a little more here and there.

I have already discovered creating my own memes:

I find the ability to create these memes to actually be very therapeutic and I love how I am able to laugh at the WTH  moments in my life.

Now, I am hoping to be able to take the time, research a little, and add some gifs to my stories in an effort to add some more CPM (chuckles per minute) to my postings.

If you're unfamiliar with a gif , as I was just a few short weeks ago, here is a sampling:

 I have founds a few gif sites and am looking for more. So, what are your thoughts? To gif or not to gif, that is the question..

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