Saturday, December 17, 2011

Do Not Pass GO ....

As we become more technologically advanced, we become more reliant on our smart devices to proof and auto-correct our typing / texting errors.

We've all seen the funny posts on social networks where supposed  auto-correct changes a generally mundane conversation into R-rated or embarrassing moment.

I have always questioned the validity of these autocorrect slip-ups....until I experienced one first-hand, at the expense of a dear friend.

She was to meet up with several friends whom she hadn't seen since her high school days. My friend had updated her facebook status to reflect just how nervous she was.

Several of her friends, myself included, posted comments to her status assuring her that everything would be ok.

"I know, I know" she said.
"I'll feel better after a take a couple shits"


So funny. We had quite a few laughs over that one.

There have been times when I have benefited from an autocorrect or spellcheck assist. I've been spared some embarrassment.

But just when I needed it most, the function didn't apply.

I consider myself to be pretty crafty. I've been known to reclaim items...curb pick....

 dumpster dive for items that someone no longer finds value in, re-purpose it, and give that item new life.

One time in particular was when I was working for a large school district here in Southern California. The budget crunch was already hitting the school (not my current employer) and the need to become frugal and crafty was becoming more evident.

I would get my hands on anything ai could utilize; an ugly old metal cabinet would given new life with a coat of chalkboard paint...add a bucket of sidewalk chalk and we had a new bulletin board. It was great !!!

One day, the teacher in the next classroom was throwing away a pretty sad looking 3 ft square corkboard.
I snatched the corkboard up and drug it into my classroom, much to the teacher's dismay ( btw... I was a Classroom Aide in a Special Eucation Classroom)

I assured the teacher that I would make something wonderful from this otherwise piece of trash.

My creative juices started flowing...

I paper mache'd the entire surface with red tissue paper....much like this, but minus the watermelon

I then affixed the game board from a long-ignored Monopoly Game...

I then glued all the property cards around the outside perimeter of the corkboard. I glued the little houses and hotels on the little squares...

I even came up with some fancy-schmancy checks with a made-up monetary values of the properties on the game board. I glued two "sample" checks to the board; one made out to Jane Doe, the other to John Q. Public.

Game rules were established based on a student's attendance, completion of assignments, etc.

At the end of each week, the student could earn "rolls of the dice" and receive a check for the amount of the property where they landed. Community Chest earned the student an ice cream from the student store, while landing on Chance garnished a "Homework Pass", which was everyone's favorite.

The student's were excited about the game; everyone was eager to do their best to earn their chance to play.

As word got out about my game, teachers and administrators stopped by to get a run-down of how the game worked and measure it's success in motivating the students. Special Education teachers, General Educations teachers, Counselors, and even the Principal came by to learn about the game. All were equally impressed.

Then, one day, the district Senior Psychologist stopped by for a visit. I proudly showed him the game and explained the rules.

He studied the board thoughtfully, then turned to me and said, "You know you forgot the "L" in PUBLIC

He chuckled and simply walked away saying something about a Freudian slip...

I was mortified to think that every educator in the school had read that and not said a word....even worse they hadn't noticed the typo. Sadder still was the fact that all of my student's had read the checks...repeatedly.


I'm glad to see I'm not the only one making that mistake...

What can I say, but, OH, SHOT!!!!

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