Thursday, December 2, 2010

God & Donuts

God and Donuts

by Alicia Tucksen Thomson on Saturday, November 27, 2010 at 7:01pm
When you're a stay-at-home mom, parents who are in need of a babysitter naturally gravitate towards you.

Looking back, I babysat A LOT of kids! I should have opened a day care from my home and made some money while I was at it. But, more often than not, babysitting was gratis or bartered.

During the summer of 1996, I fostered two neighborhood children while their mother completed her CNA courses at a local senior care facility. Ashley and Raymond were with my family more than their mother during these eight months. It was only natural that Raymond, age 7, and my son Jacob, age 8, would develop a relationship that bordered between friendship and siblings. They spent a lot of time together, especially during the summer months as there was no respite of a classroom separation.

One summer day, I had decided to load up all of the kids and take them to the park. They had been cooped up at the house for days on end and needed to run off some steam.

As we neared the park, we passed our church.

As I drove, I overheard an in-depth discussion develop from the back of the minivan. Jacob and Raymond had started a competitive banter that went a little something  like this:

Jacob: "You see that church Raymond? That's MY church."
Raymond: "Oh, yeah? Well my church is bigger!"

Jacob: "Oh, yeah? Well, my Pastor is Pastor Dave!"
Raymond: "Oh, yeah? Well, ours is like my dad, the best dad ever...we even call him Father!"

Jacob: "Well, we get to go there every week for Sunday School and Wednesdays for Kids Church!"
Raymond: "Oh, yeah? Well, we can go to Mass every day if we wanted to!"

Silence from the back of the mini-van.... Jacob had run out of "holier-than-thou" ammunition.

I thought for sure Raymond had won this round. And maybe he would have had victory in his sights...... if he just would have let it be. But he had to go for one more jab...

Raymond: We have Holy Water !!!
Jacob: "OH, YEAH"!, Jacob loudly proclaimed!!! "WELL, WE HAVE DONUTS" !!!

Game, Set, Match to Jacob

That's right! That's my boy!
He won that evangelical showdown !!!

Thank you, Pastor Dave, for always making sure we had donuts every Sunday !!!

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