Thursday, December 23, 2010

Monkey Snot ...

Monkey Snot

by Alicia Tucksen Thomson on Saturday, November 27, 2010 at 7:09pm

When my boys were little, they were into EVERYTHING !!! Nothing was off-limits; sacred.

As most brothers tend to do throughout their childhood, the boys would have their daily scuffles that, over time, I skillfully learned to tune out. I would go insane if I hadn't done so!

One day, while tending to a baby or a chore of one type or another, it occured to me that the two older boys (James and Joshua) were exceptionally quiet in their bedroom after a little scuffle. In fact, it was errily quiet.

I remember walking down the little, narrow hallway to the boy's bedroom only to find James happily "finger painting" on his solid wood bedroom door! Further investigation revealed that he was perched atop of his brother's head!  Joshua was in a complete state of submission; he had given up the fight and was just waiting to be rescued.

As I was removing James from his artwork (and his brother), I noticed an empty tube of fluorescent green,  heavy-duty epoxy glue, or Monkey Snot as my husband called it. Not only was James using this Monkey Snot as finger paint, but he had sucessfully glued Joshua to the carpet with a fair-sized dollop of the quick-drying, super-strength adhesive.

Yes, you read that correctly! My baby had been glued to the floor!
Joshua's hair was a mangled epoxy meld with the 1960's goldenrod shag carpet of the rental we were living in !!!

Not only could I not remove the monkey snot from the bedroom door, I could not remove my child from the carpet without the aid of my sewing scissors!

After delivering a lecture, spanking, time out, and hugs, it's safe to say we were all traumatized by the day's events; we were all too tired for any more shenanigans.  Jim came home after a trying day of work to be barraged with the stories of how his child had to be cut from the carpet!

I wonder if there were days he even questioned coming home; he never knew what kind of mine field he was walking into when he would open that front door every evening...

That evening it was monkey snot !!!

My Boys 

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