Saturday, December 4, 2010

I Love My Christmas Tree....A Latte

My husband and I have gone through a lot of changes this past year. A change in jobs, a change in address, empty nesters...a lot of changes.

Last night we got a little holiday spirit cursing through our veins and went in search of a Christmas tree. This is no easy feat because, as I mentioned, we moved this last year....into our 5th wheel trailer!!! Now there's plenty of room for just my husband and I, but not much space availability for decorating. After a brief discussion, it was determined that the dining room table would be sacrificed for the sake of Christmas spirit.

So, we set off in search of the perfect tree; not too big, not too small, nothing that would render memories of a Charlie Brown Christmas.

We had every intention of selecting a nice little live spruce, but we both were drawn to a beautiful lighted, flocked artificial tree with cones and sprays of berries.It was comparably priced to the live tree considering we wouldn't need to fuss with lights; in the cart it goes!!!

Now, for decorations .... there's not a lot you can place on a 3.5 ft tree. Every bulb seemed too be too large, too tchotche-esque...

                                  (where does she store these???...I mean, really!!!)

Everything detracted from the natural beauty of this artificial tree. And ornaments are just so darned expensive!!! SO we decided to just display the tree, as is.

We paid for our tree, grabbed a couple poinsettias and headed back into the chill of the evening. While leaving the parking lot I convinced Jim that we were in need of a post-shopping Starbucks run. and much to my chilled delight, he agreed. Look out red cup, here we come !!!

                                                (mmmm....Gingerbread Spice Latte)

While waiting for our holiday treats, I perused through the holiday gift certificates at the counter; all pretty and red. They always have something different and unique to offer in the way of their gift certificate cards. While engrossed in looking through the little swipers, Jim held up a Starbucks Coffee Cup Christmas tree ornament. He asked me if I thought we could place this yule jewel on our new tree...and of course I said yes.
I mean, how can you say no to such a cute little token of warm Peppermint White Mocha memory goodness!!!

( I think we may need to collect one new Starbucks ornament each and every year...
A new tradition !!!)

As I reloaded my rewards card and my bill was tallied, I had a stroke of  creative genius...

                                (Bright idea commencing in five...four...three...two..ONE!!!)

I grabbed a little handful of each style of the gift certificates and tucked them in my pocket, paid my bill and stood in line to wait for my order.

My hot seasonal Ventis were passed across the counter to me.. a bit too hot (which is a good thing where coffee is concerned) and I grabbed two "sleeves" to place on my cups. The light bulb went off yet again, so I grabbed a few extra sleeves which promptly joined the cards in my coat pocket.

A quick stop to Wallyworld for a hole punch and some curling ribbon and I was in full decorating combat mode. I will admit to having a few more light bulb moments while in Wallyworld, and by the time we left, my pockets were fairly weighted down with holiday gift certificates....I think I got a little carried away, and will admit to having a little anxiety attack as I left the store as I feared being chased down by security for putting the gift certificates in my pocket.

With my trusty hole punch, I set forth on my path to decorating bliss.

A little red curling ribbon here...

a little more there ...

add our new little red cup ornament...

and I think we ended up with a perfectly decorated tree...

Now, if only those gift cards could actually BUY coffee everything would be Grande'  ....

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