Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Last Time I Went Shooting ....

A friend of mine recently posted about how he was going out shooting. I used to enjoy going to the shooting range with Jim and the boys... We used to go quite often, teaching the boys about gun safety, proper handling, and enjoying watching them hit their paper targets. The last time I went shooting was over 19 years ago in the late summer of 1991...Jim had his .38 Smith & Wesson Stubnose that had belonged to his grandfather. At the range, there are raised dirt bunkers at about every 25 yards where you can set up targets to shoot at. Jim walked part way out to the first bunker. He set up a bowling pin about 20 feet in front of where we had been standing. He was going to show me the power of that gun and how he was going to obliterate that pin ... he shoots, "plink" ...the pin falls over; I am not impressed.
I roll my eyes, giggle a little, and look over to my right to let him know that he did NOT obliterate that pin and he wasn't there ... hmmmm...where did he go??? and so quickly??? ... I turn a little more and see over my right shoulder that  he is standing about 10 feet behind me clutching his chest !!! The bullet ricocheted and hit him right above his left nipple...Oh My God !!! He'd been hit !!! He removes his hand and thankfully there's no blood; only a big black mark on his shirt indicating that the bullet didn't penetrate. He lifted his shirt and had an instant  bruise the size of a grapefruit !!! We were both speechless !!! I turned around, started walking,hightailed it back to the car and sat my 5-month pregnant ass in that car and refused to get out !!! Never went shooting again !!!

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