Thursday, December 23, 2010

Put on your Sunday best, kids, we're going to Kmart !!!

Five years ago, Jim, Justin and I took a road trip to Santa Barbara to visit Joshua and Katie. The trip was a "dry run" to clock the time and distance of the trip so we could plan accordingly for our grandson's arrival.

While there, we had to make an impromptu run to Kmart for some Benedryl. While we were walking the aisles, I noticed a large over-sized platform ladder in our path. It's the kind of ladder that associates use to stock the upper shelves in the shoe dept. This particular ladder was rickety and old, and beaten and had paint drops on the runners. It was an eye-sore !!! But what I noticed more than anything else was the UPC price sticker that someone had slapped on the handle.

I proposed to my son, Joshua, that we attempt to purchase said ladder! He thought I was completely out of my mind !!!
I explained to him that I try to never pass on an opportunity to make a moment memorable...anybody can go to Kmart any day of the week, but do you ever really remember the experience???

With silly grins on our faces, we pushed the ladder all the way to the check out. Stood in line just as serious as the next person. Jim, Katie, and Justin tucked tails and headed for the door to watch from the sidelines. When it was our turn at the register, the associate grabbed her scan gun and attempted to scan the price code...once, twice, three luck. She then began manually punching in the number code on the UPC. At this point, I let a giggle escape. I really couldn't believe she was trying to sell us this piece of crap excuse for a ladder !!! She had a perplexed look on her face and she turned to Joshua and said, "Sir, I don't think I can sell you this ladder."
"WHAT" Joshua said..."How am I supposed to wash my monster truck? I really need this ladder. I've looked everywhere for a ladder like this" !!!
By now, I'm full on laughing and the gig is up...we walked to the front door, laughing all the way, leaving the ladder behind.
As we left Kmart, Joshua asked me what we would have done if they would have sold us the ladder? I told him I would have pushed it right over to the return line and ask for refund. Oh, wouldn't that have been rich !!!???!!!

A normal Sunday afternoon that probably would have been long forgotten ... but we will never forget that day now !!! Never pass up an opportunity to make a moment the time I crashed a family luncheon....did I mention that I was the only white person there??? Memorable !!!

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