Thursday, December 23, 2010

We'll Leave The Light On For You

The years of raising four boys flew by fast and furious. Having quality one-on-one mommy/son time with the boys didn't happen very often, but I do remember some key moments of special times with the boys.

One year, as opposed to celebrating  New Year's Eve in a festive fashion, I had the privilege of escorting my 3rd son, Jacob to yet another visit to the emergency room. Another holiday in the ER; a Thomson tradition. Seems like Jacob and I spend a lot of time together in this ritual. Too many trips to the ER with this little one, but that's another story.

On this crisp, cool evening, we had about a 30 mile drive ahead of us to the hospital. Jacob was quietly sitting in the passenger seat, probably wondering why he was always the one who got hurt. If you were to add up the injuries from the other three boys, it wouldn't even compare to the injuries Jacob has sustained in his young life.

Tonight's visit was compliments of a bicycle crash. The crash wasn't so bad, but as Jacob fell, his hand somehow get pulled into the chain and gears. He had a severely broken finger; it wouldn't be his first...certainly not his last.

As we drove through the countryside, the full moon shone down on the fields, illuminating the grazing cows and a windmill. Everything was peaceful in the van, despite his injury.

I'm not quite sure what prompted Jacob's thought processes that night, but while looking out at the silvery pastures, Jacob asked me what Heaven was like. It was a deep question, especially for a young boy about 9 years of age.

I thought about my answer for a moment and replied with the universal interpretation of Heaven. I told him about the pearly gates, the streets of gold. How we would be greeted by our loved ones. How we would never hurt, never be hungry, never want for anything.

Jacob thought about my explanation long and hard..turned to me and said,

"Oh, kinda like a Motel 6"

"Yes, Jacob." I said smiling. "kinda like a Motel 6."

It seems those cross country trips DID make an impression on you, didn't they son? Isn't it wonderful how children see such wonder in things we adults find mundane and ordinary?

After I shared that story with my parents, they would save anything and everything from their trips abroad, and would intentionally stay at Motel 6 just to get the right offerings for a child so impressed with the motel chain.

Billy Mays had just passed away when I first decided to write this post. I imagine that right now, he is up in Heaven keeping all those angel's gowns sparkling white with his Oxyclean. But, move over, Billy! When Tom Bodette comes to Heaven, there'll be a new spokesperson...

"Heaven, just like Motel 6 ... and we'll leave the light on for you  :o)

(oh, Jonathan)
...inside joke between me and Jacob xoxo .. love you, son.

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